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Villa Marina 
Houston, TX 77008
  • Delightful 20's, 1000 ft. bungalow
  • Structure and foundation sound. 

  • Home was restored and updated.

  • Large new deck was added to open the home to its backyard.





Memorial Plaza
Houston, TX 7079
  • A cottage vintage 1963, fully  repaired and updated.

  • A garage apartment/carport  conceived with privacy a major concern.  Iissue resolved by strategically placing elements to control sight/sound intrusion. 

  • All within a limited budget

La Jicotea 
Caracas, Venezuela
  • Made to measure
  • Five bedrooms, 5000 ft2
  • Built on a steep slope
  • Dominating the the valley of Caracas to the North 

  • One fine home!



Caracas, Venezuela
  • An addition built on the roof of an existing building, the tallest building situated on top of a hill overlooking the valley of Caracas to thr North

  • Addition planned for social gatherings, office,  and generally as an expansion to existing dwelling unit 

  • All within a limited budget!

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