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Rostik's - Russia
  • Developed image for Rostiks in Russia,1995, The concept became a widlly successful chain in Russia and elsewhere, Poland,.Chech Republic, and eventually succeeding in  Eastern Europe.

  • The company merged with KFC-Russia in 2011



  • Our task was to design the Rostik's experience. It was all about creating the image, from the diner's approach, from  sidewalk to dining. 


  • The first unit to display trhe image was designed for Sophia/Tverskaya, stately palace in the center of Mocow. The building's facade was respected in all ways.


  • Sophia became, the largest restaurant of its kind with 650 seats.   There were many more...

Kombi's - Russia

In 1995-96  western food chains were attempting to conquer a new frontier in Russia and ML Associates played an active part . 


KThe kombi's concept was developed to offer a  sandwiches in a store for imported fine foods. 

Arturo's - Venezuela

Arturo's has become a major fast-food chain in Caracas,  Our input was to adapt and develop  Arturo's image to local needs: availability of materials and finishes, and putting it all together.

Remodelled and enlarged two restaurants and built six stand-alone and mall units in Caracas 


Ml & Associates was resposnsible for designing points of sale furniture, service counters, the kithen areas, services, everything the client came in contact with.

Also designed and built the company's Caracas chicken-processing plant.

California Roasters

Wildly successful fast-food chain in Caracas,  We adapted Arturo's image to local needs Modified materials and finishes to local availability, impacting the look and feel of the restaurants.

Remodelled and enlarged two restaurants and built a number of stand-alone and mall units in Caracas and other locales.  Redesigned their cashier and point-of-sale stations, as well as the look and feel of the part of the kichen visible to the client.

Designed and built from scratch their Caracas chicken-processing facility.


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